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What do we do again

What do we do again

The main question that I get from people who are not familiar with RESET is, “What do we do again?” Well, honestly it depends on what your current needs are. In technical terms, we offer repair, parts sourcing and engineering services to maintain legacy electro-mechanical units and systems. Clear? Got it? Any questions besides “What is it we do again?” In normal terms we are a repair company that deals in older electronic devices that need to be maintained. Regardless of industry, application, or system… that is what we do. For example, computer hardware and data storage is where we started and still thrive in that market to this very day. We do LTO tape drive repair, power supply repair, enterprise server repair and printed circuit board repair just to name a few. So if you are wondering if we can repair your specific type of computer hardware, the short answer is YES. Now that’s where we started, but not where it ends.

RESET has branched out into many different industries and all with one thing in common. They each have a need to repair what they thought was un-repairable. Below is a small sample of industries that we currently deliver our services to…

Parking Access Revenue Control Systems (PARCS): We started out repairing a single pay station which lead to ticketing systems, access control systems, and portable pay stations. Now RESET is the one and only one to call for parking management repair. But wait there’s more! Not only are we doing repair, we are also supplying hard to find / unavailable parts such as rollers, belts, and printing systems. And we have also used our engineering services to upgrade motors and motherboards.

Outdoor LED Display Repair: Yes you read it right, from tape drive repair to Outdoor LED screen repair; we have yet to find an industry we can’t help. RESET began doing LED repair simply because there was a need, but not just a need for repair, but for repair and product upgrade. So when the LED screens (or tiles) come in for repair, we also take into consideration the conditions that they are being used in. High seas, high heat, snow storms, dust storms, not a problem. Once we know the conditions we than attack the problem and eliminate the cause of the failure.

I could keep going but you get the picture, no matter what the technology, age, or application we can help. Seriously, MA lighting board to handheld PDA or just PCB repair, call us, we can help it’s we do. Mention this blog and get a complementary return call (just kidding….).

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