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RESET enters the Maritime Industry

RESET enters the Maritime Industry

RESET enters the Maritime Industry! We are very pleased to announce that RESET is becoming the number one choice for all maritime electronics repair. RESET’s core value is fairly straight forward; we repair and maintain older commercial electronic equipment (end of life, legacy, etc…). Although our roots are in data storage repair (over 40 years in the computer industry), we have come to realize that there is also a need in the maritime industry to help maintain the out of warranty equipment. So, how did the leader in data storage repair get into maritime industry? Simple, there was a need. When conversations started there was an immediate need for a top level Outdoor LED Screen Repair Company that could go above and beyond OEM standards. And that is what we did, and then we discovered the need went well beyond Outdoor LED display repair. Now, we are very proud to say we confidentially repair such items in the cruise line industry as: MA lighting boards and consoles, sound boards, hand held computers (PDA repair) used for security or inventory, multi screen servers, power supplies, and other industrial electronic units. But it’s more than just a repair offering, it’s an opportunity for many companies to reduce costs and improve profitability.

The majority of electronic equipment that is used on cruise lines and commercial fishing vessels were not originally intended for the conditions that they are exposed to. This has led to a higher degree of failure and a shorter life span of equipment which inevitably always leads to higher costs and reduced profits. Even when products are still under warranty, a failed unit may be repaired, but the reasons for the failures still remain and are never addressed. RESET’s approach to repair is different; we don’t want to just fix the unit, we want to use our product improvement services to enhance to that product’s reliability. For example, we know that humid weather can have a negative impact on product reliability; we have developed improvements that utilize conformal coatings, custom sealants and gaskets to help combat the effects of weather on electronic components.

At RESET, we are very excited and willing to welcome all electronic devices that are in need of repair and upgrading on all sorts of Vessels:

Merchant Ships:

  • Freighter / Cargo Ship,
  • Bulk Carriers
  • Container Ships
  • Specialized ships (reefer, roll on/roll off) Coasters

Passenger Ships

  • Cruise Vessels
  • Ferris,

Commercial Fishing Vessels

  • Crabber
  • Long liner
  • Gillnetter
  • Purse seiner,
  • Troller

As you can see there is no industry, ship, or device that RESET cannot help you with. So, when you think you have no options for repair, you do, RESET! Just call us, it’s what we do.

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