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Grand MA Lighting Board Repair

Lights! Camera! Act….Lights? Lights?

The hardest question we get is, “What do you repair?” which sounds simple enough, but since we work in all kinds of industries with all kinds of products we would be here forever listing everything we have / had / would/ should / could / would like to / repair. Now just to make a long answer longer, we can add Grand MA Lighting boards and consoles. It began just like it did with all of our other services; we saw that there was a need to repair Grand MA lighting boards and consoles, so we took action. From motherboard repair to upgrades of the entire unit, RESET is now the leader in service and support for Grand MA lighting boards and consoles.

However, it doesn’t end there. We have the ability to repair and upgrade all types of stage lighting, concert lighting, sound boards, and even fog machines. The common thread through all of this is it is all technology, it all at one time became end of life and if it is not maintained you are forced to buy the newer model. Fortunately RESET is in the business of maintaining end of life technology and saving their customers from all these headaches.
So next time your Grand MA lighting board needs repair, your LED displays are no longer working, or any part of your entertainment equipment is no longer operable, call RESET. Do you know what you call a person who brings enormous cost savings to an organization by not having to buy new equipment….A hero, everyone loves a hero!

Now, Lights! Cam….. (call us, we’ll look at your camera too)