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Moved to our new location

Moved to our new location

We Moved! After 25+ years in two buildings in Simi Valley CA, RESET has moved to our new location in Camarillo CA! A 27,000 sq ft state-of-the-art facility that incorporates all of the superior services that RESET has become known , are now all under one roof! No matter which selections of our high quality services are needed, they will all be completed within our single new location. Have a grand MA Lighting Board that needs repaired? Check! Perhaps you have a printed circuit board repair need? Check! Not to mention that along with our warehouse, we offer a full complement of logistic services; Warehousing & Inventory Management and Warranty Processing, now all completed under the same roof.

Why the move? Well, as we all know moving is just so much fun….no, no it’s not. But it was time. Previously we were located on one property with two buildings. Our front building was designed for our original repair/refurbishment offerings, and that was back when computer and disk drives where the size of a small desk (think Mad Men area computers). In the 1980’s RESET was one of the first companies to build a custom clean room and develop the capability to repair and refurbish hard drives that where otherwise abandoned by the OEM’s and thought to be un-repairable. We also supported our customer’s requirements for parts that were often considered as unavailable, by reverse engineering replacement parts, and then producing them in our model and machine shop.

As are customer’s needs grew, we grew right along with them. So when the need for warranty processing, warehousing, and inventory management came from a major OEM, we said no problem, nothing that moving into a second building can’t fix. Since expanding into the back building, we have worked with all types of companies throughout North America to fill their need for more than just the standard warehousing services.

While many things do stay the same, technology repair is not one of them. With RESET branching into different areas of repair, such as outdoor LED screen repair, pay station and parking management system repair we wanted to incorporate the repair services with our logistic services. We wanted the ability to streamline the repair and delivery process and move all finished good directly into a controlled Finished Goods warehouse. Well, that is what we did. We moved into one building that now allows a more efficient operation and enables units to go from receiving – to test- to repair – to quality inspection – straight into inventory management / warehousing, all under the same roof.

Why does this matter? There are many good warehousing choices available, there are also choices for repair (not that compares to us, but more on that later), and even choices for warranty processing or parts sourcing. So you can get all of these accomplished with four to five companies, with four to five the amount of time taken, and with four to five invoices. Or, RESET becomes your partner and you deal with one company, quick turnaround time, and one invoice. It just makes sense, why deal with several companies, and numerous locations when you can just call RESET. Several solutions, numerous services, one roof, it’s who we are.

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