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Inventory Management

RESET’s inventory management and warehousing services offer companies the freedom to concentrate their time and energy into growing sales, developing new products, maintaining customer service, and overall success of their organization.

RESET began its inventory management service with organizations that no longer had the manpower, space, or just overall resources to manage and maintain current products and services. With RESET being an asset based organization located in Camarillo CA, we offer not only the warehouse space needed but also the added value of custom designing an inventory management program that meets all your needs, and works hand in hand with your current system.

RESET’s Inventory Management Services Include:

  • Minimum and Maximum Inventory Level Management
  • Finished Goods and Defective Inventory Management
  • Inventory Audits, Cycle Counts
  • Custom Inventory Management Systems
  • Bar Code Tracking
  • First In First Out Inventory System
  • 24 hour a day, 7 days a week logistical support
  • Worldwide Shipping Direct to your specific locations

Inventory management and warehousing can be a very costly and time consuming program for individual organizations; we understand that and can help. With our current warehouse operation, inventory management procedures, and the ability to custom fit the operations to your needs RESET is here to reduce your cost, increase your ability to spend time on other stuff, and to help your company continue to be successful!

Don’t get caught bogged down with inventory and warehouse issues, just call RESET, that’s what we do.

Inventory Management Service