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Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering

Have you ever wondered why OEM’s don’t give you information or the service you need to repair or upgrade your current products? Right, so you’ll buy the newest ($$) latest ($$$) and greatest ($$$$)! Well, at RESET we disagree. Since the beginning, reverse engineering has been a staple in our repair process. Regardless if it’s an LTO tape drive repair or PCB repair, a majority of all the products our customers need help with come with no relevant information, such as schematics, failure analysis reports, Bill of Materials, or even basic operating instructions. While this does deter the majority of other so called “repair” companies, we just look at it as part of our process. Enter REVERSE ENGINEERING! RESET has expert engineers that not only figure out how a unit works, but why it works, what applications it is used for, and more importantly why it is failing, as well as, and what other items that are likely to fail in the future but often overlooked. After that’s been accomplished, we will implement customer specific repair procedures and upgrades. That is how we differ, we use reverse engineering as a tool to improve quality, repair products and allow our customers to concentrate on their business! RESET’s one of a kind Reverse Engineering Program includes:

  • Programs that are developed and maintained through the RESET engineering group
  • In house parts fabrication
  • In house reverse engineering to ensure product quality improvements
  • Guaranteed system maintenance
  • Strict procedural adherence
  • 100% quality control
  • Full product warranty
  • Preventive maintenance programs

When you have parts that no one will fix, when you have systems that no one will maintain, when you have a technology with no information, just call RESET, that’s what we do.

Reverse Engineering Services