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Product Improvement

Product Improvement

For over the last forty years, it’s always been very apparent that our customers were happy when we repaired what was otherwise un-repairable – because we always went a step further than the traditional repair company. Rather than just repairing the unit, we looked at why the unit needed to be repaired in the first place. Was it worn parts? Weather? Old technology? Was the unit being used in an application that the OEM did not intend it for? Did the original parts not hold up to the standards that the customer needed it? Well, regardless of the issues we decided then and there to implement product improvements so our customers not only had a repaired unit, but an improved unit that would eliminate that specific failure and exceed the standards set by the OEM

We start by learning from you, the customer. We want to know exactly how the unit is used, the conditions, the applications, mean time between failures, and whatever other information may be available. We than zero in on the failure the unit exhibits and create a customer specific testing procedure. Our engineers then create and implement the improvement needed, followed by a complete battery of customer specific tests that allows RESET to stand 100% behind our work. All this results in increased life span of your products, increased customer satisfaction and increased savings for your company.

Here are some recent examples of product improvements:

  • Elimination of corrosion of printed circuit boards
  • Increased life span and corrected issues in internal motorized components
  • Motherboard function and capacity Upgrades
  • Elimination of static charges in scientific testing equipment
  • Complete design and engineering of weather proofing outdoor LED displays
  • Increased durability of weather and shock absorption of customer specific electro-mechanical device used through north America

Don’t settle for “It would be great if it did this..” or “Nobody has a better way to prevent that…”

Just call RESET, that’s what we do.

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