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Parts Sourcing

In the beginning, when RESET became the number one choice for data storage repair, there was a critical need to find quality replacement parts, assemblies, subassemblies and components. Since several OEM’s did not want these out of warranty units to continue, they stopped producing these parts. That led RESET to gain valuable experience and expand its service offerings to help find all sorts of hard to find parts and becoming the go-to company to call for your parts sourcing needs.

How do we do it? Well, several ways. We have a vast partnership with suppliers worldwide in all different industries to find the exact part you are looking for. Still can’t find it? No problem, our engineers will analyze the part needed in form, fit and function and then offer a replacement that will allow your units or products to continue working without interruption. Still unable to get the right part? Depending on quantity and cost, we’ll make the part. We have a full engineering staff, machinery on site, production/manufacturing capabilities and a long list of industry partners that will help us to deliver the right part.

So before you go spend large sums of money because you were told the part doesn’t exist for things like your Panasonic Astrovision, medical testing equipment, LTO Tape Drive, Grand MA lighting board, Printed Circuit Board or whatever your unit or hardware is, STOP call RESET.

We can help, it’s what we do.

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