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RESET, who are we?
RESET is the company you call when you hear “I can’t find anybody to fix (insert your product, system, technology here)” or “ I wish somebody could upgrade this ______so we don’t keep having these issues” and my favorite “ The OEM no longer supports this product/unit/system, so now we have to buy new?” NO! That is who RESET is, we fix the unfixable, upgrade hardware, technology, printed circuit boards, LED’s, and all sorts of electrically driven products to OEM standards and beyond!


Our History:
RESET began over 40 years ago as a disk drive / data storage repair company. It goes like this, 40 years ago the common thinking was you buy new, the warranty runs out, you buy new again, and again and again. It was not until RESET was formed that companies where able to enjoy enormous cost savings by keeping their current systems running well after they ran out of warranty. RESET then became the only choice in disk drive / data storage repair. That’s where we started, no need to buy new just RESET to the next level and enjoy the savings.

Where we are now:
As technologies evolve so does RESET. While we are still the leader in all data storage and computer hardware repair we have also branched out into other industries. By using the same philosophy of allowing customers to continue with their current systems or products, RESET is very proud to work in various industries worldwide. Here are examples of products that we repair, maintain, and upgrade to beyond OEM standards: LTO Tape Drives – Hard Drives – Solid State Drives – Power Supplies – Outdoor LED DisplaysPrinted Circuit Boards – Pay Stations – MA Lighting BoardsParking Access Revenue Control Systems (PARCS) – Medical and Dental Electronic Equipment – Precision Electronic Test Equipment – along with various products from the Food and Entertainment industries.

Where are we going?
Wherever needed! We have expert engineers, a proven process of repair, failure analysis, and quality inspection. We treat every customer’s product with individual attention to ensure it exceeds your needs. RESET is your only choice for repair, especially when you think you have no choice at all.

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